Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Bath Gift Basket Giveaway!

(UPDATE: Amber was born November 2, 2010 – Here is her birth story)

Wow! Time is quickly tick, tick, ticking away! Before I know it we’ll be bathing a new baby! I really can’t wait – not only because I’m completely DONE with being pregnant, but also because Johnsons and Johnsons sent me this awesome baby bath gift basket that’s literally overflowing with awesome Johnsons baby bath products:

Baby Bath Gift Basket

I’ve used everything except the NATURAL™ line of products on my kids, as they weren’t available when my youngest was a baby. I completely love the products. In fact, my girls have gotten into my basket and have begun using the BEDTIME® Bath and Shampoo – I love the smell of Lavender on them :) I can’t wait for my hubby, Sierra, and Brooke to bath baby (that’s their job).

To help celebrate our new addition, Johnsons and Johnsons sent me another basket to giveaway to you!!

Here’s what’s in it:

1 – JOHNSON’S® NATURAL™ HEAD-TO-TOE™ Foaming Baby Wash
1 – JOHNSON’S® NATURAL™ Baby Shampoo
1 – JOHNSON’S® NATURAL™ Baby Lotion
1 – JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Creamy Wash
1 – JOHNSON’S® Baby Bubble Bath and Wash
1 – JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion
1 – boon Odd Duck (bob) BpA-free, Phthalate-free & PVC-free ducky that doesn`t hold water, therefore doesn’t allow black mold to grow in it that kids love to suck out…
5 – Washcloths
1 – 2gb USB Flashdrive pre-loaded with Baby Bathtime Tips


(Ends on November 25 , 2010)

Required entry: Visit Johnsons Baby Bathtime Guide and leave a comment with a tip on how to bathe our new baby.

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This giveaway will end on: November 25, 2010 at 11:59 PM

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I did not pay for these products. They were sent to me and in exchange, I’ve posted an honest review of them. I was not compensated nor was I encouraged by the manufacturer to post a positive review. This review is based solely on my experience with these products.

64 thoughts on “Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Bath Gift Basket Giveaway!

  1. Hi, Here is a tip on bathing a new baby – Never put anything directly in your baby’s ears, eyes or nose. Wipe any material from the eyes, mouth, nose or outer ear with a soft, moistened cotton round. Thank you, I hope that I am lucky enough to win! 😀

  2. Baby Bathing Tip from their site: Make sure the room is warm (24°C, 75°F), because babies lose heat from their bodies quickly. The more organized you are, the more successful and enjoyable your baby’s bath will be. So open all the necessary items and have everything ready in the order in which you will be using them.

  3. Hi Janice, its nice to meet you, I love their products! Great Giveaway and review, and good luck on the new baby! Tip/ Make sure to open all the necessary items and have everything ready in the order in which you will be using them, before you start bathing baby.


    “””””””””As your baby gets into her toddler years, she will be growing more and more hair. When washing your toddler’s growing hair, use a shampoo that is formulated not to sting her eyes. For an even easier bath time, try one that foams quickly and rinses easily, such as [link to product ] . Ask your toddler if she wants to tip her head backward or forward ? she may also like to hold a washcloth over her eyes. Encourage her to help lather the shampoo before rinsing. The promise of a special game or story afterward may help your toddler cooperate.””””””””””””

  5. Always use cotton swabs such as JOHNSON’S Safety Swabs to clean hard-to-reach places. They are specifically designed to help prevent you from pushing the cotton tip too deeply into your baby’s ears or nose. Be very careful when cleaning your baby’s ears and nose – clean what you can see – never put anything deep into your baby’s ear canal or nose.

  6. Nice to meet you, happy to hear about the new baby, very exciting news!! I too have a new grandbaby(first one)he is a bundle of joy! He could really benefit from this, if I should be picked. This is a tip that I found most useful – Be very careful when cleaning your baby’s ears and nose – clean what you can see – never put anything deep into your baby’s ear canal or nose. Best Wishes on the bundle of joy! 😀 Paula Caudill –

  7. By reading your twitter posts, I’m guessing your bundle of joy should be here. I hope everything went smoothly and Congratulations! Here is my bath tip from Johnson’s site: It’s better to bathe your baby before a feeding, as long as he’s not too hungry. Bathing too soon after a feeding may make him uncomfortable and he may spit up.