Just Once…

Just once I’d like to…..

  • Get dressed and go straight to work.
  • Have enough time on my morning drive to work to stop and buy a coffee along the way
  • Go a morning without having to wrestle kids to get dressed, get into car seats, get out of car seats, remove outer clothes and change into their “indoor shoes” before going to work.
  • Come straight home from work without having to pick up the kids
  • Come home straight from work to a home cooked meal without having to pick up the kids first
  • Have a week off of the mountainous amount of laundry I wash and fold every week
  • Sit in the comfy La-Z-Boy chair and watch my TV shows on the big screen TV after the kids have gone to bed

But if I can’t have any of that that, then I’ll settle for this AWESOME Miche bag:

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11 thoughts on “Just Once…

  1. You need to treasure all these little moments now, because before you know it they will just be a faint memory. Yeah it is a little of of hassle at times to get some “ME” time, but in the end it is all worth the trouble.
    I watched the ad you posted, and al I have to say to that is THANK GOD I AM A MAN, SO I DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT CRAZY JUNK LIKE THAT.

  2. I totally understand where your coming from!
    I had to get my daughter ready, drop her off and get my coffee on the way to work. I picked her up after work and got dinner ready then did laundry and clean, not to forget the homework…but now that my husbands hours have changed, he picks her up and has dinner ready sometimes that is, can’t expect it to all happen at once but it will eventually. As they say “Patience is a virtue!”

    Lucys last blog post..This Afternoon’s Coffee Walk

  3. I’ve seen those purses in person and was REALLY tempted to buy one for myself. They’re pretty neat!

    And to echo what Mike said, it’s true about holding these little moments with our kids. My daughter keeps asking me to tell her the same stories over and over while driving in the car. While it’s tiresome for me, I’m sure she’ll never be so captivated by my every word as she is right now.

    Karinas last blog post..Next time won’t you sing with me?

  4. Life is so fleeting. I remember all too well having all the time in the world to sleep in, go to work, game, watch movies, go to concerts …. but I was bored, lonely and felt empty.

    Now i have kids and sure there are days I wish I could go to work just to have a break, but I am really glad I am not missing a thing with them.

    Before we know it they will be all grown up :(

    chelles last blog post..ww#-51-The Kids

  5. What a juxtaposition, the impossible dream and hey–cute bag! quite possible! 😉 Going against the grain and saying that one should have to live through that list on a daily or almost daily basis before they comment. I have the sitter today and it was luxury to get out the door only having to get *my* shoes and *my* coat on!

  6. Holy shit, I want that bag! As a matter of fact I’ve already put the stuff into my shopping cart. Problem is they’re out of stock on some of the shells I’d like to buy.

    You won’t believe this but a few years ago I came up with an idea for an inside purse, like a pouch with all the compartments that fit inside my design of purses – much the same idea only backwards. I was all set to work on this, write up a business plan – basically go for it, until I researched and found out that someone already had a patent on a similar idea. Similar enough that I figured mine wouldn’t fly.

    Anyway, enough with my useless dreams. I want the purse and I want to say, those hard times will end soon enough. It won’t seem soon, but when you look back on it it will have flown by.

    I’m not gonna say, ‘enjoy’, because it’s not exactly enjoyable, it’s rather stressful, but at least it’s only for a short time in the long scheme of things.

    jafers last blog post..Hand Me the Mic

  7. ohp, just looked up their Canadian sales and saw that they’re going to be at the Markham Costco March 3-15th. That’s right by my work. Guess who will not be eating her ‘sammich’ in the cafeteria then.

    jafers last blog post..Hand Me the Mic

  8. I’m laughing over here. I’m a bit of a hand bag snob here, so I can’t even imagine what these are like…. But hey, the idea is so simple and if it makes life easier I’m all for it!

    Leannes last blog post..I’m back…

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