Keep Your Panties On Girl!

Today my parents came over as they do pretty much every Saturday.  Sierra and my mom were playing outside around 4:30 pm when our neighbour (who was having a birthday party for her daughter at the time), stopped by.  Seeing Sierra playing without any other kids, she asked my mom if Sierra would like to come over and play on their new trampoline.  Well of course!  My mom said yes, and away Sierra went to jump on the trampoline with a pile of other kids.  Sierra was wearing a skirt (this is an important detail to remember as I move along with the story).

I was inside dealing with Brooke’s toddler meltdown.  My mom came in and told my hubby and I that Sierra had gone next door to jump on the trampoline.  Hubby went into the washroom, came right out and exclaimed:

“Where did my daughter go?!”

My mom and I thought he was upset, so we tried to reassure him that she’d be ok… He kept trying to interrupt us.  Finally he said:

“She’s not wearing any underwear!”

“WTF?  What do you mean she’s not wearing underwear?”

He pointed to the bathroom – I walked in and sure enough in the washroom, along with an unflushed toilet with a present in it, was a pair of little girl panties.  The ones I had dressed Sierra in this morning.  It seems Sierra had gotten a little ummmm… comfortable while taking care of business.

I ran over to the party as fast as I could, but I was too late.

Sierra had managed to flash everyone at the party: her friends on the trampoline, and all of the parents on the patio. 

Yep – the apple certainly hasn’t fallen far from the tree.  At three (almost four) years old, my daughter is not only crashing parties, but is also flashing everyone at the party.  *Sigh* – my mom warned me I would have a little Janice, I just wasn’t prepared for it to start happening so soon.

We’re in so much trouble when this kid gets older!

5 thoughts on “Keep Your Panties On Girl!

    1. Me too! I almost peed myself laughing when she sat down in the middle of the yard, through her legs (and skirt up) and said, “Mommy, I need underwear!”. Ya think?

  1. What is so wrong about going commando? If all the parents around don’t say anything about it most likely the kids will never say anything about it. The will all just accept it as “normal”.

    I only wish I had a dolar for everyone that has seen me naked. I might hire Bill Gates to wash my can and Warren Buffet to detail it.

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