Lazy Old Mayzie

This month I’ve felt just like lazy old Mayzie:

I’ve had enough of winter
and I’m super duper bored
from sitting, just sitting inside day after day.
It’s work! How I hate it!
I’d much rather play!
I’d take a vacation, fly off for a rest. 
if I could find a Horton to stay with my nest
If I could win the lottery, I’d fly away – FREE!

(Ok, so I’m not exactly Dr. Seuss)

I used to love winter – I used to love snow.  But with a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old there sure aren’t very many things to do in the winter.  The kids are too young for skating, skiing, sledding, bowling etc…  And trips to the indoor playgrounds are starting to get expensive.  $20/week is costing us close to $80/month! I’m really starting to get cabin fever – I’m dying for some sun and fun.  I’d love to take a vacation, but we’re still paying for last year’s vacation to Orlando, Florida.  Wrestling the kids into jackets, boots, hats and mittens twice a day sure isn’t my idea of fun either.  I’m sure they’re about as sick of me nagging them to get dressed as I am.

And that’s how I felt this morning.

Then I went on a run during my lunch hour.  I hadn’t gone on a run in a week because I spent two days home with a sick preschooler (as I’ve mentioned before) and on Friday I was way too busy at work to take my lunch.  But now that I’ve gone for a run, my mood is better, I’m more optimistic and more importantly my brain isn’t so foggy anymore.

Its amazing how the body is so connected to the mind and vice versa.  A week off of running and exercising and my brain turned to mush and got all “foggy” and “cloudy”.  I was also a mega grump this weekend.  But one run and I’m ready to face the world.  My patience came back and my joy of life came back.  If I remember this and keep running then I can make it through the 10 more weeks of winter, 8 if I’m lucky.  I can do this.  If I keep running and exercising I know I can get through this.

Oh yeah, and the fact that I got tickets to the New Kids On The Block concert on March 29, 2009 in London ON will also help me get through this icky yucky COLD winter! Get your mind right boys – here I come!

PS – Here’s proof of my run:

Thanks for stopping by!
-Janice aka @momontherun

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9 thoughts on “Lazy Old Mayzie

  1. You will definitely get through the remaining cold weeks. The thought of being able to run in shorts and a single functional shirt is what pulls me through the last bit of winter.

    Great job on the run!

  2. I think I’ve lucked out. There’s a city-funded indoor playground near me that is huge and very cheap.
    The boy gets his energy out and sometimes takes a nap afterwards.
    Once in a while I lose sight of him because the place is so big, but other parents, sharing their wisdom, have told me that I should just guard the exit and listen for cries. I thought that was pretty funny.

  3. I think you now have figured out why I moved from WV and now live in GA. I know your winters are worse that I ever had, but I like the fact we hardly ever get snow which traps up in for days, weeks, or months at a time.

  4. I miss running :( However we took the plunge and bought a treadmill that should be here Thursday!!!!!! I am not sure I will be running much as I would have to work back up to it.

    I am so done with winter. I love winter just done.

    chelles last blog post..Advice Wanted

  5. I know how you feel! We don’t get snow but it has been too cold for bike rides and playing outside. We’ve been to Books a Million so many times they know us by name lol. I’ve gotten into crafts with the kids a lot this past month-and it gives me time to catch up on scrapbooking!

    Funny Mike, I lived in WV and now in GA!~ But we are here from LA-and a few other places along the way . . .

    Kathys last blog post..If It Makes You Defecate on the Side of the Road, Maybe You Shouldn’t Do It!

  6. I so feel your pain! Being stuck inside can make someone feel like recluse :(. But I remembered how fun winter used to be as a kid and all I needed to get out of my winter blues was an injection of fun and fun ideas! I found a cool article on what to do in Toronto in February and they have great ideas, like attending all the fun winter carnivals or cool books to read or an online craft website with great ideas for kids.

    Here’s the link:

    They also have city-specific ones, too, like Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa.

    Cheer up and take care!

    Off to make a happy-face snow sculpture,

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