Less Than 4 Weeks until the Half Marathon…

And my training hasn’t quite gone as well as I had hoped.  Remember that blister I wrote about last week?  Well it was way worse than I had initially thought and it hurt like a son of a so I didn’t run on it (aka used it as an excuse not to run last week).  It also didn’t help that it got infected (I’ll spare ya the visual this time).  Also?  The kids and hubby got a nasty, disgusting virus that had them fighting over puke buckets, toilets etc… It was so bad that even though Sierra and Brooke are completely potty trained, we had to make them in pull-ups.  Oh – and my washing machine broke down after all the laundry and sheets it washed.  Again – I’ll spare ya a visual.
So I only got out to run once last week – on Sunday.  I ran 8k with my training partner.  It was awesome – the ground was DRY! And we ran pretty fast.  I just looked at my training plan though – we were supposed to do 18k, not 8.  Oooops!

I have only three more hard weeks of training, then a week of taper.  I have to accept that I’m a mom – and family comes first. I know it really doesn’t matter how fast that I do this race (there will be others), and I should enjoy the fact that I am healthy enough to do a few half marathons each year, but it’s tough to keep that in mind, especially when I think back to my “glory days” of running.  I guess soon enough these days WILL be my glory days, and I should just enjoy them.
Question/sharing: Have you ever ran a race with less than perfect training and surprised yourself with how well you finished?  Please hit me up in the comments with your stories. 

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