Let The Half Marathon Training Begin…Again.

In January of this year I whipped out my credit card and registered for a few races this year.  I vowed to myself that THIS YEAR would be THE YEAR that I finally returned to running.  Like really running… Running as often as I did BEFORE kids.  So my race registrations included TWO half marathons – one in the spring and another in the fall.  My goal was to FINALLY lose stomach fat – and LOTS of it!

My spring half marathon “training” (if you can even call it that), consisted of running 5k three times a week, with a 10k longer run on the weekend for three weeks in a row before the “race”.  Yes – I kinda faked that half marathon, but did surprisingly well, all things considered.  (6 mos post-partum, no training, very little sleep the night before because of the baby).  I finished in 2 hrs and 8 mins.  Not too shabby.

Me at the Toronto Women's Half Marathon
Me at the Toronto Women's Half Marathon May 2011

So… my second half marathon is coming up in 7 short weeks from now on October the 16th (which is actually an eternity compared to how long I “trained” for my last half marathon).  Now that I have some time to train, here’s my “plan” (I’m awful at sticking to plans, but I’m hopeful sharing it with you will make me more accountable):

Mon – 8k
Tues – BodyPump class
Wed – 8k
Thurs – rest
Fri – 8k
Sat – BodyPump class
Sun – long run

My long runs will start at 10k, and I’ll add 1k to it each week, until 2 weeks before the race (which means that the Sunday long run 2 weeks before will be 15k).  I’m back down to my racing weight (yay!) so I’m optimistic this “plan” will enable me to run a faster race than I did this spring.

Look out Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon… here I come!!

5 thoughts on “Let The Half Marathon Training Begin…Again.

  1. Hey Janice,

    I’m just curious if you’ve ever tried Zumba? My gym is starting to offer classes but I cant really find any good opinions on it. What do you think? Im looking for an alternative to my Spin and Pump class.

    1. I’ve tried it and found it wasn’t intense enough for me (mostly because I’m so uncoordinated I spent all of my time trying to figure out how to do the moves). All in all I hated it.

  2. It’s awesome that you’re training for a half with THREE kids! I can’t even imagine it with my one. But the half is my favorite distance. You give me hope that I’ll be able to do it someday too. GOOD LUCK!!

    1. Awww thanks :) I fit my running in whenever I can, and often have to do it while pushing a jogging stroller with one or two of the kids in it. Training is a little easier now that school has started. While my two oldest are in school, I run during the baby’s nap time (she naps in the jogger).

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