Let’s Play Ball

I knew motherhood would change me – but I was never exactly sure how much. The other day I arrived late for my softball game (something I rarely do) because I was (get this) nursing my daughter. Unfortunately the whole game was held up ’cause I was our team’s 9th player, and I’m the catcher. It was pretty embarrassing to learn that my coach called my place while I was on my way to the game and my hubby told her that I was nursing Sierra. The whole diamond knew – surprisingly they were all really understanding. I never thought that I would catch whole ball game while wearing a pair of XL maternity shorts and a nursing bra. Oh yeah! And I threw someone out trying to steal second – I bet she was embarrassed being thrown out by a catcher wearing a nursing bra and maternity shorts!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Play Ball

  1. Hmmm… maybe you have something here… the Athletic Nursing Bra.
    “Whether it’s throwing someone out at second or finishing a marathon, we have you covered. Coolmax wicks aware moisture for infant’s feeding comfort while providing the best support for your athletic lifestyle”

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