Losing The Buddha

There was a weightloss blog that I read religiously several years back titled: “Lose The Buddha”. I lost track of the blogger and her blog, yet the title of her blog has always stuck in my head. (EDIT: I did a google search and lo and behold! Lose the Buddha is still around! Yay Erin! http://www.ejshea.com/buddha ) When I look in the mirror now all I see is my “Buddha Belly” and I think to myself, “man – I really need to lose the Buddha”. It’s not that I’m really all that ashamed of how I look. I’m not that shallow. In fact, just this past weekend I strutted my Buddha belly in a bikini quite proudly at a nearby beach. I know that my girls and my hubby will love me the same whether I look like a Buddha or a finely tuned Olympic Athlete. It’s just that my jiggly post-baby belly reminds me of how unfit I’ve become. How far I’ve strayed from fitness. How once upon a time waking up on a Saturday morning to crank out a 20 km jog was the norm for me. I don’t have aspirations of cranking out 20k runs every weekend anymore, but I do want to get fit again. Running has been a great healer for me. It’s helped to stave off post-partum depression, deal with stress and has allowed me to think clearer. I really should, want and need to get back into a regular running routine. Starting today I’m going to run 3 times/week over my lunch hour. Yes – you heard it here first. I, Mom On The Run, am going to spend this fall and winter getting fit! FIT! FIT! FIT! I don’t care how darn sweaty stinky I get! I’m going to run on my lunches and LOSE THE BUDDHA!!!!! 😆

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  1. When I used to work out every lunch hour-and-a-half, there was a shower there at the Y, so I wasn’t putting my coworkers off their lunches. I’m hoping you’ll have some cleaning tools handy *sniff*.

    I remember when I changed jobs and there was one of those Curves places close by and I thought, ‘great, I can work out on my lunch hour again’. Nuh uh, I checked that place out and you did a couple of circuits on the machines but they had no showers – they expected you to powder up after your work out.

    Nowadays getting into shape consists of doing the South Beach diet every 6 months or something and that doesn’t do a helluva lot for toning. I’ve already started getting the ol’ lady arms (and I’ve got weights in the computer room).

    I need time, ladies and gentlemen, there’s no time for toning over here. I wish I actually had an hour for lunch where I work… there’s a club right across the street.

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