Losing Weight Isn’t Easy

I’ve been running and running and training and eating healthy and skipping junk food for 10 wks now.  I’ve lost 8lbs – slowly.  It has seemed painfully slow at times.  Working out, eating healthy etc seems like so much work for such little return.  Stepping on the scale each week after running 30k or more and doing weights and finding a 0.5lb to a 0.7lb weight loss is frustrating.  Running is getting easier and I’m getting faster, but it doesn’t seem like I’m getting smaller. 

It’s no wonder so many of us are looking for the quick fix weight loss answer.  But with so many of us looking, how come none of us has found it yet?  Could it be that it doesn’t exist?  Could it be that the 1/2 a pound per week loss I’m experiencing is actually fast?  Is a loss still a loss, not matter how big or small it is?  It’s so hard to keep convincing myself that.

Oh I do have more energy – and more laundry thanks to my sweaty exercise clothes.  My kids are having fun doing exercise videos with me – they particularly like a Fit MOMZ n Fit KIDZ video that I got this week.  Sierra loves to crawl under my planks and pushups while I do the video, and Brooke actually DOES the video with me.  It’s a great way to give the kids attention while fitting in a workout, making this weight loss thing a little easier because I don’t have to find the time to do it.   My legs were on fire after my first attempt at the video.  The girls made me do the Preschool and toddler workouts back-to-back on Tuesday, and last night they made me do the preschool and infant workouts.  I hope that with them pushing me this week I’ll lose more than my usual 0.5lbs… 

Here’s a snippet of the video I found on their website:


What exercise activities do you like?  Have you experienced weight loss success?  What have you done to lose weight?  Do you have any advice for me on how to make this easier?  Faster?  Help!

One thought on “Losing Weight Isn’t Easy

  1. Tell me about losing weight. I weighed myself today, after 3 months of working out, and I weighed more. But, no, it’s not all the muscle I’ve gained… I’m trying to find some muscle.

    I’d like to see results. And now I’ve got another stinking cold which means I won’t be going to work out – I won’t be doing anything – except maybe laying at home snacking on something because I’m bored. I’ve used up vacation days for this illness.

    Like the new look, btw.

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