Lucky Lady, Lucky Day

Brooke Angela Smith

Brooke Angela Smith,
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Hmmm – It seems I’ve been a very very bad blogger this past year. First there was going back to work, then there was the whole getting pregnant, Christmas thing, then buying a new house, then selling our house, then moving… and now… Having a baby! I just haven’t written much – but I promise to be beter now that I have a ‘puter set up in the basement that won’t wake up wee kiddies when I type. So here’s where I try to be a better blogger:

On Saturday July 7, 2007 (yes, Lucky 7-7-7), little 6 lb 10 oz Brooke Angela Smith joined our humble family (39 wks 1 d gestation). Yay! A full-term baby! And wow-oh-wow! What a difference there is beween preemies and full term babies. Brooke is a nursing champ – no SNS for her, no latch issues, no sleepy baby issues and most importantly no need to pump!

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Anyways – in case you’re interested here’s her birth story:

Rob had a sixth sense about this weekend (probably based on how much I was complaining about being pregnant, not being able to do things myself anymore etc…), so he called his mom on Thursday night and offered to pay her train or plane ticket if she came down for the weekend. She said she’d think about it and let him know on Friday. ON Friday at 5:30 Rob called my cell to let me know that his parents had decided to drive down and that they were already in North York. They normally leave early Saturday morning to avoid traffic, but Rob’s dad had that week off so they decided to be here for Friday night so they could go to the Milton Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning with us (a bit of a summer tradition in the Smith household).

Saturday morning I woke up when Sierra did at 7. We had breakfast together, I made a pot of coffee, and Sierra wanted to go outside to play in her sandbox @ 7:30. I sat kneeled down besdide the sandbox to play with her, but my BH contractions were so painful and often that I had to keep getting up and walking them off. After a few of them I decided to time them. Every 4 minutes lasting for 45 sec. Hmmmm…. Rob’s mom joined us on the deck with her coffee, and Rob came home from an emergency grocery store run fr breakfast foods. So at 8 I tell them about these contractions – today could be the day. We decided to wait ’til 8:30 to cal Emily (my Mid-wife). She called us back just before 9, and we had already gotten everything all ready to go. She said she’d meet us at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. We got there at 9:30, I was 7 cm dilated, at 10:30 I started pushing, and at 11:22 am Brooke was born! It was a very calm birth. Rob sat in a chair reading a baby care book – joking around with Emily and I, sharing some of our funny newborn stories, while I walked/paced around the room labouring. At 10:30 I was in so much pain that I couldn’t stand anymore, so I crawled onto the birthing bed. Emily checked me and said I could push. My water hadn’t broken yet, and I said I’d like it t break on it’s own. So I pushed for 30 min and finally my water broke. After that getting Brooke’s head and shoulders out was a breeze. Once she was born she was handed to me right away and Rob got to cut the cord. Brooke wasn’t even weighed/measured etc until she was over an hour old! I got to hold her and nurse her that whole time. I even delivered in time to get a lunch tray :) I was starving! Rob fed me lunch while I held Brooke. After lunch and Brooke was weighed I was brought to my room. Rob stayed while I showered and got cleaned up, then he went home to his parents. Unfortunately he took the phone list with him, and didn’t call people like I asked becasue Sierra wanted his attention. He came back at 10 to visit, and by that time my room mate was gone and I had a semi-private room to myself. It was like being at a 5 star resort. No toddler to deal with, peace quiet, and my food was brought right to me in bed! LOL! I stayed until Sunday morning when Rob and Sierra came to get Mommy and Sierra’s new sister.

We’ve all enjoyed a quiet week adjusting to our new family dynamic. Sierra loves her new sister, and spent 1/2 of this morning kissing, hugging and asking to hold Brooke. It’s adorable. I’m trying to get a picture of Sierra (sans cheezies on her face) holding Brooke. I’ll share it with y’all when I manage to capture it.

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  1. I just checked out your pics on flickr … BEAUTIFUL BABY!! To make you feel better … you looked great for someone that just had a baby (best I’ve ever seen[Lucky Rob])!

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