Tonight I was having one of those weird pregnancy induced cravings – you know the ones where you eat an entire bucket of Dill Pickle popcorn washed down with Dr. Pepper. Well, okay – that was my favourite snack before I got pregnant. Anyways, CosmoBoy asked me what I wanted for dinner:

CosmoGRRL – MacaChicken
CosmoBoy – A McChicken?
CosmoGRRL – No – a MacaChicken
CosmoBoy – What the hell is that?
CosmoGRRL – (to the tune of the Macarena) MacaChicken, MacaChicken, MacaChicken…
CosmoBoy – 😕
CosmoGRRL – It’s a McChicken, only instead of mayo it has salsa and three cheeses – mozzarella, montery jack and cheddar….

So yeah – I just made up a new sandwich for McDonald’s – the MacaChicken – and the commercial? It’s chickens doing the macarena singing: MacaChicken, MacaChicken, MacaChicken…

12 thoughts on “MacaChicken

  1. Nooooooooo not the macarana! When I was stationed in Korea Asian MTV and all the bars would play that song like every other song. I get dizzy just thinking about it! It is bad enough I don’t like McDonalds!

  2. That does sound better than the stuff that they really offer – or have they started offering it with salsa and 3 cheeses but I’m out of touch (wouldn’t be surprising).

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