Man, I Feel Like a Runner!

First off, go on and read my latest article on the Complete Running Network.  (I know, shameless plug :smile:, but I promise it’s a good one and well worth the read even if you’re not a runner).


Got out for a run on Wednesday night.  For those of you in the North Eastern US and Eastern Canada you’ll remember that we got WALLOPED by one heck of a winter storm on Wednesday.  The snow was mid to upper shin high (not sure what that amounts to in inches or centimetres, but really who the hell cares?).  It was A LOT of freaking snow.  It was the kind of snow that made it feel like I was running through sand, only not nearly as warm.  I must admit I daydreamed about running on a sandy beach throughout the run.  Sigh – that would be so fun right about now. 


My neighbour and I did our usual route but are now up to running 2.5 minutes and doing a 30 second recovery walk.  Next we’ll begin a 3 minute run with a short recovery walk, then progress/jump to doing a 5 minute run with a short recovery walk.  Here’s the graphical representation of our run for all you visual folk:



We’re on par for doing the Frosty 5K that I ran in 2006 and in 2005 the first weekend of March.  I *hope* to bring both of my babies in the jogging stroller for that race.  What’s next?  I dunno.  Maybe the Dupont Spring Run-Off 8 K in High Park in April followed by the 10K race at the Mississauga Marathon in May?  Is it possible that I could do a 1/2 marathon next fall?  Or am I getting way too ahead of myself?   Either way, it feels completely awesome to be running again!


3 thoughts on “Man, I Feel Like a Runner!

  1. Stop it. I wiped out on the ice last time I ran and tore my Lulu’s (Pout).

    I am now fat and sad.

    Actually I think hubby and I will buy each other a treadmill or eliptical machine for valentine’s Day.

    I need to excercise!!!

    I’m jealous!!

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