Me Time!

!@(swimming.jpg popimg: “I Can Swim!”)Picture Of The Day: Sierra swimming with her Daddy!

Yes! I got out! Cosmo Boy took Friday off of work. I fed Sierra some cereal – she actually took it! I cheered for her everytime she let some into her mouth… by the end she was grabbing at the spoon and trying to put it into her mouth herself! Yippee! Afterwards I nursed her and I took off to the hairdressers. Cosmo Boy stayed home and played with her, then bathed her, then put her down for a nap! When I got home the house was quiet – Cosmo Boy was taking a shower and my baby was sleeping – man it felt so good!

When Sierra woke up we all headed over to Sears to have our family Christmas photos done. The photos are great, but the service at Sears sucks! (that’s a whole ‘nother post folks). And afterwards? Afterwards Sierra and Cosmo Boy had their first swimming lesson – they were so cute!

4 thoughts on “Me Time!

  1. Awww YAY For you and a little me time! I am so happy to read that Sierra took to the cearal…it is all a matter of time :)) YAY!

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