Mmmmmm Maple Syrup!

Today was amazing! It was a balmy 5 degrees C out so I packed up the gals and drove over to Mountsberg Conservation Area for their annual Maple Syrup Festival. Mmmmmm maple syrup! The girls were well behaved, the syrup and pancakes were delicious and all of the animals were cooperative with the camera. All in all a fantastic day. Here are a few of the pics I snapped:

4 thoughts on “Mmmmmm Maple Syrup!

  1. Omigosh! I love maple syrup so much I could DRINK IT! Seriously, I can’t keep it in my house. Now you got me salivating for some RIGHT NOW!!!

    Haley-O’s last blog post..Point Form

  2. I used to go to Mountsberg when I was a kid. I grew up on Aunt Jemima but my hubby, who grew up on a farm and made his own maple syrup, converted me. Now we’re the real deal all the way!

    Great pictures.

    janet’s last blog post..Misnomer

  3. It looks like ‘the girls’ had a great time. It’s too bad that once you get older you don’t remember all the stuff that you saw when you were little and the amazement you felt.

    jafer’s last blog post..Out of Creative

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