Mommy Needs ANOTHER Coffee

I don’t know how they do it.  I really don’t.  The baby can’t even freaking talk!  But somehow the girls have come to an agreement.  It’s like a sick freaking joke – someone somewhere is laughing their arse off at me trying to stumble around and look after these two kids.  I can’t stand this tag team, operation wear mommy out, sleep deprivation routine my girls are pulling lately.  Sierra wakes up – moans for an hour, falls asleep.  Brooke wakes up 20 min after Sierra falls asleep, nurses and falls asleep 20 min after that, I sleep for an hour, Sierra wakes up for an hour, and then Brooke wakes up and the cycle continues all night long!  This is after it takes me until 9:30 pm to get them to sleep in the first place.  Three nights in a row.  THREE NIGHTS!  I called Rob in tears last night at 1:41 am.  I figured if the kids won’t let me sleep, then it wasn’t fair that he was allowed to sleep in a nice cozy hotel bed in far off Ireland.  I know, waking him up at 6:40 am isn’t much of a punishment, but I had to get my point across.  He’s enjoying a relatively relaxed business trip, eating out at fancy restaurants and sleeping through the night. 






Today?  Brooke napped from 10:30 – 12:30.  I got Sierra to nap at 12:25.  I had 5 freaking minutes to myself (in which I used it to clean up lunch dishes).  These gals are slave drivers I tell ya!  It sure is hard to make the right choice.


9 thoughts on “Mommy Needs ANOTHER Coffee

  1. I remember. It will stop. Honest.

    It was about this time ten years ago that I took on my name, I think I checked to see if it was free at about 3am one sleepless week.

    Now I can’t my kids to bed until 11 pm and my new teen doesn’t want to get out of bed on the weekend until noon.

  2. Careful, or you’ll convince me not to have a second one.
    I will admit, I sometimes get upset at my wife when I come home and find the dishes not done, the laundry not done and I have had a difficult day at work. Then the weekend comes and I make an even bigger mess of the clothes and dishes. In the long run, I don’t know that raising the kid(s) is the more difficult job – there are bonuses after all – but it’s clearly the most imporant job.

    You’re doing great. And, before you know it, they’ll be 19 and off with their teenage sweethearts doing things you don’t know about that will cause you to not sleep through the night. You’ll be missing the days when their biggest needs were food, entertainment and housekeeping.
    Try to keep it in perspective, that’s what I do. Or, to put it into a runner’s perspective, take it a mile at a time. It does usually get closer to that finish line. Don’t be too eager to get there! =)

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