You Say It’s Your Birthday

We played, we played, and we played some more.  Then the electronic babysitter was used while I put Brooke down for her morning nap.  Darn Barney, it was Baby Bop’s birthday.  When I came downstairs Sierra informed me that today was her birthday.  So we put balloons on her chair. 



That wasn’t enough.  She wanted cake.  Being the kick ass mommy that I am, I had a chocolate cake mix hiding away in the cupboard.  So we baked a cake.  She loved the licking the spoon part.  The waiting for it to bake part wasn’t a hit.   Then we had to decorate it.  She loved putting sprinkles on it, and

had to put every single kind I had on it.  Then we had to pose with it.  Then we had to put candles on it.  Then we had to sing "Happy Birthday".   Then we had to blow out the candles, and only then could we FINALLY eat it.   It turned out pretty good to be honest.  We had cake for lunch :) 


After lunch, Sierra and I played "Mommy & Sierra" in her playroom.  She started telling me a story about sleeping in a tent.  I have no idea where she got that idea ’cause she hasn’t seen her tent since we took it down to sell the old house in March.  The story got more elaborate, and finally she said she wanted to sleep in a tent.  I surprised her by suggesting we put up her tent.  So off we all went – Sierra, Brooke, Mommy & Molly to put up the tent.  We played house in it.  We had a picnic of crackers and chocolate milk.  Brookie got tired and I put her to nap in her room.  I came back and found Sierra fast asleep in her tent. 


No fighting, no crying, no whining.  Just fun, fun, fun.  And napping!  Yay for napping!  Mommy got some ‘puter and clean up time, and the kids napped.  I just couldn’t ask for a better day.


PS – Give your kids an extra hug today, you never know when it’ll be your last. A mommy in my town passed away suddenly this week leaving a 3 yr old daughter, and a one month old daughter. Very sad and tragic. Although I never met her personally, I knew of her through my friends. She loved her family deeply and was very involved in our community of moms.


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5 thoughts on “You Say It’s Your Birthday

  1. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Sierra is SO smart – she’s going to have TWO birthdays this year, not just one. And TWICE the amount of cake! I wish I had thought of this when I was two.

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