Mondays Are the Highlight of My Week

Monday nights are the reason I had kids – I could not wait to cheer them on at their various sports. Some people may find that part of parenthood a chore, but I was always very active in sports when I was little. I couldn’t wait to chauffeur my kids around. Thus far, the girls have taken swimming lessons and gymnastics and now soccer too! This fall a whole new world of opportunity awaits Sierra because she can take swimming, gymnastics, skating lessons and participate in Sparks (girl guides for 5 yr olds). Brooke can also take swimming, gymnastics and skating (not Sparks yet). I have no idea how I can afford it all (or juggle it all with a new baby too) but I want them to be active! I read somewhere that teen girls are more likely to take the actions necessary to prevent teen pregnancy if they are optimistic about their educational and career opportunities. I honestly feel that developing a confidence through sports contributes to that. I was a very active teen – I played Field Hockey, Softball (on 3 different teams) and swam on the swim team – sure I had “boyfriends” but damn! There was no way I was going to get knocked up! Who the hell wants a big ugly ol’ belly preventing them from playing sports? Heck! I’m almost 35 and it’s driving me nuts that pregnancy #3 means I can’t play soccer, softball or train for a marathon (or triathlon) this summer!
Last week Monday, Sierra started her soccer that I signed her up for (way back in February). She plays on a co-ed team with about 4 other girls and 6 or 7 boys. I’m actually rather surprised at how many girls there are and I think it’s fantastic that so many parents share in the belief that involving girls in sports is important. I digress…
Sierra is having a blast! She has a fun coach who so far appears to be one of the best in the league and he keeps the game/practices fun and entertaining for both the kids and the parents. Besides having a fun coach, Sierra seems to have a genuine love for the sport. The first 30 min she and the rest of her team have a practice – learning basic soccer skills like passing, shooting, dribbling, throw-ins etc… And for the second 30 min she plays a game against another team. It appears so far that every kid plays in the game – there is no subsituting and all the kids chase the ball in one big swarm. Every once in a while the swarm is so big that the ball doesn’t move from all the kids randomly kicking at it and it almost looks like a big 5 year old rugby scrum – it’s so cute! Sierra plays her heart out – she runs after the ball as fast as her little legs can take her – trying to keep up with the boys who pretty much dominate the game. In her first game she got the assist for her team’s only goal! Woot! At one point in last night’s game she stepped on a boy’s hand and he whined at her, she turned around and looked at him, then ran off to chase the ball. Another little girl ran up to the boy helped him up and kissed his hand better. My girl is a true athlete! She’s not maternal and has never had an interest in dolls – while her younger sister is the opposite and would have spent the entire game kissing every single fallen player’s boo boos.
Another part of the fun night is that Brooke insists on wearing her “soccer uniform”. She wants to play like her sister (she’ll be old enough for 4 year old soccer next summer). Last week there were 3 or 4 other 3 yr old siblings at the game, so Brooke thought they were on her “team”. She was really looking forward to bringing her ball to play soccer with them this week too. Unfortunately no one from her “team” came this week L and she kept asking where her team was, so Hubby and I had a “practice” with her until Sierra’s game started. When Sierra’s game starts, Brooke happily sits on her chair and cheers her sister on (I swear Brooke is going to be an awesome soccer mom when she grows up!). Monday nights are really a fun outing for the whole family and we’re having a blast!

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