Motivation Monday – February 15, 2010

This is my Mamavation post for February 15, 2010.

Two weeks ago I was struggling. Hubby was travelling, I injured my calf, I was PMS‘ing, my weight loss was hitting a plateau… There were so many excuses and reasons to give up. But I didn’t. At the encouragement of the Mamavation Sista’s, I kept on pushing through and this past week I stepped up the intensity of my 1/2 marathon training by running each run FAST and getting up early to swim two mornings this week. I should have gotten injured this week with all the training, but I didn’t – you know why?

Yummy Veggies

I ate. And I ate well. You see, we’re having a Healthy Eating Challenge at work. We’re tracking how many servings of fruits & veggies we eat each day as we strive to meet the amounts reccommended by Health Canada: 7-8 servings for women and 8-10 servings for men. I met the reccommended amounts every day this past week. It wasn’t easy – I’ve eaten an enormous amount of salads, bananas, carrots and other fruits. The toilet and I have been best friends :)

I’ve trained for, and ran several marathons and half-marathons before, but I’ve never ever paid attention to the role nutrition plays in my training. I figured I was burning tons of calories training and could eat whatever I wanted. I never realized until this week how much fuelling my body properly helps with recovery and keeping my legs & mind feeling “fresh”. Every run this week has felt effortless! In fact, on Wednesday I set a personal best that I shared in my first vlog. I ran 6km at a pace of 5:16/km. I’ve only maintained that pace for that distance once in my life – and that was over 6 yrs ago (when I was much younger, and didn’t have any kids).

The increased running intensity, swimming, yoga and healthy eating MAJORLY paid off this week: according to Wii Fit I lost 4.6 lbs last week! 😮

My weight loss progress
My weight loss progress

(BTW-here’s instructions on how you can create one of these charts for yourself)

I totally broke through my plateau and I’m well on my way to continuing the journey to my wedding weight! I only have 6 lbs to go! I can possibly finish losing the whole she-bang by our anniversary! Yay!

I couldn’ve done this alone. I know a lot about health, nutrition, training etc.. But I struggle with motivating myself to apply my knowledge. I’m human too. I have stress, emotions, PMS and all that other stuff. I’m so thankful to have all of you helping me! All of the Mamavation Sista’s have been so supportive and inspiring! Reading everyone’s progress, struggles and triumphs each week has helped me in a way that I just can’t put into words. I’m so thankful to everyone for helping me become the best me that I can be! Thanks everyone!

To challenge and inspire you, I’m having a Healthy Challenge!
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Good luck!

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