Mr Romance

!@(strawberries.jpg popimg: “Chocolate Covered Strawberries”)So… How’s was your Valentine’s Day? Mine was AWESOME! The best one ever! My Cosmo Boy had a surprise for me that I’ll never ever forget (and it’ll be hard for him to outdo next year :wink:).

I already told you about how I awoke to find not one, but TWO boxes of chocolates waiting in the kitchen for me. Well, by the time Cosmo Boy got home there was only one box left – I seriously have NO self-control whatsoever. LOL!

After Sierra went to bed – the surprises continued. Cosmo Boy invited me to take a bath – I said sure, so he went upstairs and started the water for my bath – no big deal, he often gets a bath ready for me. Only this time was different… When I got up there the bathroom was aglow from 3 lilac scented candles, there were bubbles in my bath (!) and a bottle of champagne was waiting with two glasses beside a plate of chocolate covered strawberries that Cosmo Boy had prepared by HIMSELF! He told me to hop in, then he popped the champagne (I was surprised that the pop didn’t wake Sierra) and handed me a glass. Then he hand fed me the strawberries while I relaxed in the tub! The evening was reminiscent of our wedding night, where we relaxed in a hot tub with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Don’t I have the bestest hubby ever?

His romantic side puts mine to shame. Poor Cosmo Boy – all he got was a steak dinner with stuffed baked potatoes and asparagus, a card and a personalized heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie. I’ll have to come up with something much better next year. Anyone got any ideas?

7 thoughts on “Mr Romance

  1. Methinks Cosmo Boy should talk to your father! I got diddlysuat, not even a car, or for that matter, not even a Happy Valentines Day! I did get my hug and kiss though.

  2. Aww, very nice.

    My husband put me to shame too – he made a treasure hunt with clues and hidden cards, leading to a big card, balloon, chocolates and Flickr Pro. I got him some fancy peanut butter and some candy. 😛

  3. Awww, sounds like Cosmo Boy is quite the romantic. Lucky you!! My valentine present was nice, but certainly not THAT nice!

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