Musical Beds

This week has been my week from hell. Nothing has gone right at all.

Nothing, nada, zilch.

My hubby has been away in Switzerland since Saturday leaving the girls and me alone to fend for ourselves. Oh lucky us. Like I’ve written before, the kids go absolutely apeshit when he’s gone. He’s our rock and keeps the estrogen level in the house balanced. Even our Rottweiler (Molly) is female so we need all the help we can get.

Sierra has gotten in trouble at daycare this week for not listening and calling her friends “stupid”. I don’t know where she gets that from – when I’m pissed at her I say this is “RIDICULOUS!”, not stupid. She has also been having trouble falling asleep – tossing and turning ’til 10 pm most nights. I have a take home FINAL exam for the College course I’ve been taking and at 10 pm I haven’t felt the least bit like working on it after a long day at work followed by fighting with the kids for 5 hours. I have a feeling that tonight I’ll be pulling an all nighter to get the thing done. I haven’t done that in 9 yrs – well I guess I have but its been because of colicky or teething babies. Not because of a ridiculous assignment.

Tuesday night was by far our best night of the week. Sierra didn’t listen to a word I said, was very disrespectful and I got to play a night long game of musical beds.

Here’s an example from Tuesday night of a typical night when hubby is away:

8:00 pm – Baths
8:30 pm – Everyone in jammies, Brookie begging to go to bed.
8:45 pm – Brooke asleep, time for Sierra’s one-on-one time with mommy, reading books, doing stickers quietly in bed.
10:15 pm – Sierra asleep (FINALLY), I curled up on the couch with my iTouch, a beer and a remote control to relax.
11:15 pm – I was done procrastinating working on my exam, and went to bed.
11:30 pm – Whole house asleep.
12:00 am – Brookie up – I brought her a drink and she rolled over and went back to sleep.
12:30 am – Whole house asleep.
1:00 am – Sierra up and crying because she wet the bed. I changed her, brought her to the potty, removed the sheets and relocated us from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom. (When hubby is away Sierra sleeps with me).
1:30 am – Whole house asleep.
5:00 am – Sierra up and crying because she wet the bed. I changed her, brought her to the potty, removed the sheets and relocated us from the guest bedroom to her bedroom.
5:30 am – Sierra asleep, but Brooke awake – her diaper leaked. Due to lack of beds, I changed her, and changed her sheets and was surprisingly able to get her to fall back asleep.
6:00 am – Whole house asleep
7:30 am – Whole house awake, but we’re up 30 min late.
(Thank goodness we have a 4 bedroom house, otherwise Sierra and I would have ended up having a camp out on the floor).

I then rushed around to coax bribe the kids into getting dressed, packed my lunch, prepared chocolate milks for the kids, and brought out the recycling. I then brought the kids to daycare and Brooke missed breakfast, so I stayed with her in Sierra’s daycare class while she ate some of Sierra’s class’s breakfast. When I was back in the car after dropping them off I discovered that in my coffee deprived state I’d left my purse on the front steps of the house while putting out the recycling. Drove back home and got my purse – showed up for work 30 min late (not bad all things considered).

Last night was pretty much just as fun. Sierra only wet the bed once, but cried so much that she woke up Brooke. I let Brooke cry it out for an hour (I was too freaking tired to deal with her). I eventually heard enough of Brooke’s crying and climbed right into Brooke’s crib to get her to go to sleep. (Yes, you read that right – I climbed INTO her crib). She wrapped her sweet little toddler arm around my neck and was asleep 5 min later – why don’t the parenting books ever suggest this? Getting out of her crib was interesting to say the least – I am definitely not near as agile as I used to be, though I am incredibly surprised I was able to fit in the crib in the first place. Maybe that’s why the books don’t suggest this?

Tomorrow morning my exam is due, so I’ll be up mucho late working on it, thankfully we have only 2 nights left until hubby gets home!! Yay! I wonder if I’ll make it without having to be placed in a padded room?

PS – were any of you successful in counting the # of sippy cups in my dishwasher?

For those of you sitting on your seats with anticipation…. there were:

14 sippy cups
15 lids (why is there more lids than cups?)
3 bottles
2 ceramic bowls
2 plastic bowls
4 Coffee cups
1 water glass

Mike is so right, I really need to stop drinking my coffee out of sippy cups J

9 thoughts on “Musical Beds

  1. Your family reminds me of mine growing up: I was one of three daughters and there was my mom and our dog Maggie. We did eventually get a male dog for my dad though (-: Good luck on your exam!

  2. Ok, I’m not trying to be smug or anything, but I am so glad that part of my life is finished now. While I realize that in the grand scheme of things it ends very soon, I am ecstatic for me *woohoo* and feeling bad for you :(

    jafers last blog post..I Suppose I Should be Happy

  3. You will do fine on your exam … I believe in you!
    I remember having many nights where things kept going wrong … it is part of that raising children 101 you enrolled in a few years ago. I am wondering when I will graduate?

    Are you sure you didn’t maybe give the kids your coffee and you drank their juice Tues night?(honest accident) Since you now admit to drinking from sipy cups? LMAO

  4. Awwww, hugs to you. I can’t imagine all the solo parenting you have to do.

    FWIW, J still wears a pullup at night because I got sick of changing sheets in the middle of the night…

    Emmas last blog post..Diaper covers

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