My Hips Don’t Lie

My mom was over today and she took some amazing photos of Sierra and I carving a pumpkin. Actually MOST are amazing – those are the ones where she did a fantastic job of making sure my enormous hips weren’t in the picture. Like this one:


And then there was this one:


OK, so they don’t look THAT big on their own right? But when you see them in comparison to my upper body, they suddenly look enormous:


They’re shouting: Hey world! Look at me! I’ve got 2 beautiful children!

And you know what? I couldn’t be prouder!

7 thoughts on “My Hips Don’t Lie

  1. By the way, you can see Brooke in the background – looks like she’s exercising her thighs so they don’t get big! LOL

  2. Yeah Yeah I hear ya!! You and every other woman in the world may THINK they are fat, but y’all need to ask a man other than your husband how you look. A stranger may actually give you an honest opinion that will tell you that you really look great the way you are.

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