My Laundry Overfloweth

Yesterday I was feeling rather frisky and decided that it was time for Sierra to go diaper-free.  As soon as she woke up I dragged her to the potty, stripped her diaper off and put her on the toilet.  We sat, we sang, we sat some more, we told stories we sat some more, then…. KER-PLOP!  She pooped AND peed! 


Taking this as a good sign I put her in big-girl undies.  We had a few successes, and even more accidents.  Today started out the same way.  Now my laundry basket is full!  Whose bright idea was this anyways?


This potty training thing really sucks.  Part of me just wants to pack it in and call it quits and wait until Sierra is back in homecare.  That way her homecare provider can do the training for me.  But I also know that it takes 21 days to form a habit. And seriously, 21 days really isn’t all that long in the grand scheme of things, yanno?  If

I keep her in big-girl undies and haul her off to the potty every hour, will she "get" it?  Will she begin to know when she has to pee and tell me BEFORE she pees?  How many days does that take?  My washing machine and dryerr are looking for a break from all of this action :)


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6 thoughts on “My Laundry Overfloweth

  1. awww, hang in there! It’s different for every kid. For us it took forever, but I know of other kids who took merely days. I’m told girls are easier to train than boys, too (as a general rule).
    Just keep up what you’re doing, if you’ve already gotten her to go, wow, that’s progress! (Most of our time was spent with him screaming that he was NOT going to do it and well, not doing it.)

    valerie’s last blog at the Magic House

  2. Woohoo Good luck. My middle daughter is sooo close. She just needs a little more encouragement and she will be there. I cannot wait to only have 1 in diapers!

    HG’s last blog post..WW- Flurries

  3. My first took so very long to toilet train. What finally did it? I blame the Pull Ups. Once I bit the bullet and switched to underwear, all day every day, he was trained in a week.

    The third baby is two in a few weeks and she is pretty much trained. She has been wearing underwear around the house for two months now. Lots of accidents, but it works.

    Good luck!

    Janet’s last blog post..Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

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