My Little Potty Girl

Wow!  Has it really been over a week since I posted here? Gosh – blame it on twitter! It’s been stealing me away from here.  Did ya even miss me?  Yeah – I didn’t think so.

So what’s been going on in my world?  Not a heck of a lot.  Hubby has been in Europe for the past two weeks,  The first week he was in Barcelona and this past week he was in Dublin.  And me?  I’ve spent the past two weeks working, caring for kids, breaking up fights and cleaning.  That may be another reason why I haven’t posted much.  I just don’t feel comfortable advertising that I’m home alone with my girls. 

Oh wait!  There is news!  Yes!  Big News!

Brooke is potty training!  She’s wearing undies and going to the potty! 

Brooke wore underwear all this week at school.  She had 1 accident the first day, then 3 accidents each of the next 4 days.  At home she was AMAZING!  No accidents, so I think daycare is waiting for her to tell them she has to go.  At home I can pay closer attention to her body language.  I also let her run around wearing just a shirt so she can run off to the potty and do it herself.  Brooke is very independent and doing things herself is important to her.  I think having to ask for help from her teachers is inhibiting her potty training – though I don’t think she should wear just a shirt there – especially since her class has a big window at the front of the centre….  Or maybe their approach is better?  Being able to put into words what she’s feeling?  Enh!  I could analyze it til the cows come home – either way it doesn’t matter ’cause…

Happy Dance – Happy Dance!

Soon we’ll be out of diapers! 

Brooke just seems SOOOOOO young to be potty training – she turned 2 two weeks ago!  But she is keenly interested and has been telling us since she was 18 mos old that she has to go so I guess it is entirely possible that she’s ready.  Maybe I’m in denial because – OMG! My baby is turning into a little girl! 

How old were your kids when they potty trained?  How did you encourage them?  What could I be doing to help her along?  Advice people!  I don’t want her to relapse into diapers the way Sierra did at the same age.

5 thoughts on “My Little Potty Girl

  1. Woo Hoo!! Go Brookie!

    Mine were both older when they started training. I know a bunch of people told me that girls were earier to potty train than boys, but since I only had 2 boys … I’ll never know!

    YES I did miss you … even if nobody else did. I don’t tweet.

  2. I missed you blogging. Mine all trained best when they were naked too. Why is that? Kinda strange if I think about it. Oh and yep, the girls were two, the boy was three. But not having to buy diapers is like getiting a raise! This is GREAT news!
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