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TweetDeck_128 I haven’t written here much, but I have been online – actually online a lot.  It seems I’ve been cheating on you – with twitter ( micro-blogging), and more specifically, TweetDeck.  The discovery of Tweetdeck has totally been my undoing.  What is Tweetdeck?  Oh boy – I’m bad at reviews :)  So here’s the description from the TweetDeck website:

What is TweetDeck?

TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.

Ok, so that probably didn’t help :)  It’s basically a desktop Twitter application, only it allows you to see 3-4 columns of your choice of "tweets" at once. You can view all of your friends tweets in one column, all of your replies in another, all of your directs in a third, and display a search column too! 

How does it do that?

TweetDeck enables users to split their main feed (All Tweets) into topic or group specific columns allowing a broader overview of tweets. The default columns can contain All Tweets from your timeline, @replies directed to you and direct messages. The GROUP, SEARCH and REPLIES buttons then allow the user to make up additional columns populated from the live tweet information. Once created these additional columns will automatically update allowing the user to keep track of a twitter threads far easier.

Here’s a pic for all you visual people:


I have all of my friends tweets in one column, all of my replies in another and two search columns displayed: "nkotb", and "gno".  "nkotb" is self-explanatory, isn’t it?  I’ve searched for all tweets that refer to my obsession: New Kids On the Block (oh Jonathan – swoon!).  "gno" is for Girls night Out – a Tuesday night Twitter Party that I’ve participated in the past 3 weeks.  Here’s a link for more info: I have also grouped some twitterers that I communicate with often in a Group that I’ve called "Cool people" (yes, Jafer, Jeff, Chelle, Nicole, Mom, TiredMama and Michelle – you are ALL Cool!). 


So if you’re looking for me folks, that’s where you’ll probably find me – on twitter.  Feel free to follow me, I’m momontherun!

12 thoughts on “My Poor Neglected Blog

  1. Hi Janice

    In case I haven’t said so already, I love your new layout! (being a designer, I’m all over that kind of stuff, hee!)

    Yes… Twitter can be hard to keep up with sometimes, but as a great fellow Tweeter once said to me, it’s like a lake full of fish, and they’re always there swimming around. You just wade in now and then and see what’s going on. The commitment level is all up to you.

    -BJ <3

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