Never Underestimate The Power of Chocolate

Tonight Sierra is fast asleep in her bed, in her room. Yes HER BED! In HER ROOM! This is the first time in like, I dunno… a MONTH! She’s been having “sleep-overs” with me for one reason or another (AC is broken, need to sleep in the one bedroom with a window unit or daddy is making Brooke cry-it-out so Sierra has to sleep with mommy, etc..). And you know how I got her to stay in her bed? I resorted to good ol’ fashioned bribing! I promised her a box of chocolate if she stayed in her bed in her room ALL night!

8 thoughts on “Never Underestimate The Power of Chocolate

  1. When our son was born I decided that I would never use bribes to get him to do things like potty training and behave well. Swore it.

    Uh, but they sure worked well anyway. :)

    M&M’s sometimes do good things.

    Jon (was) in Michigans last blog post..Corn!

  2. Even at such a young age … females will do most anything for chocolate! It gets worse with age. LOL

    I’ll (even some guys are the some way) stay in my room all night for some chocolate too!

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