Nine Back Rakes!!

Last night there were 9 – count ’em – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 – NINE:!: back rakes! Don’t know what a back rake is? Then “Holy Shit!” you ARE missing out!

Last night, in an effort to bring some excitement into our boring white collar lives, Cosmo Boy and I decided to try something different. And to quote Meryn Cadell from the song “The Sweater” – Different is not what you’re looking for. But in this instance she’s wrong. Have you figured out what you’re missing out on yet?

Wrestling! Yep – you heard right! Wrestling –
UWA Hardcore Wrestling!
to be exact. The price was certainly right – 3 1/2 hours of the most intense up close and personal wrestling you’ve ever seen for a whole 10 bucks. We had a blast! Which isn’t that surprising, as I’m a closet wrestling fan – I even have my own autographed picture of “Test” from WWE. (I bet you didn’t guess that). Yeah – I know – who the hell brings their pregnant wife to wrestling? It sure beat sitting around a bar watching your husband get drunk and eat chicken wings – Bha ha ha… Truth be told, I love watching the “smaller” wrestlers. They’re always far more entertaining as their moves are more athletic and high flying. Watching Austin Aries kick Josh’s arse to retain the ROH belt was great, and his ending move, a forward 1 1/2 tuck off the top rope was the icing on the cake, not to mention the barbed wire table! Anyways, if you live anywhere in the GTA, it’ll definitely be worth the trip out to Mississauga’s St. John’s Hall on May 13th to watch the fans bring their own weapons as Osiris takes on Asylum.

Oh yeah – and a back rake? It’s when you rake your finger nails down your opponents back.

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