Not My Proudest Mommy Moment

The other day I was driving the kids home from camp, and Brooke says in a REALLY loud voice:

“Mommy, Sierra is a BISH”

So I immediately get angry:
“Brooke! We don’t call people names in our family!”

Brooke then responds:
“But mommy! Sierra IS a BISH”

I then get REALLY angry:
“BROOKE! Are you arguing with me?”

Brooke then gets upset:
“No – I’m not arguing!”

I then respond:
“Then why are you calling your sister a bitch?! We don’t call people names in our family”

Brooke gets really sad and upset and starts crying
“No mommy! Sierra is a bish – she loves to swim”

Brooke can’t pronounce the “F” in fish… Ooops!

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