On The Run…

OK I’ve decided – I’m registering for the 5K “Fun Run” today! I dare not call it a 5K race ‘cause that seems to conjure up images of 5000m Olympic hopefuls lining up at the start line at a track – and trust me – I am FAR FAR away from being an Olympic hopeful. Anyways, the run is 11 days away and I can still “run” (I use that term loosely – afterall my “running” resembles more of a very fast walk. Today I even “ran” for 30 min on the treadmill – 2 min at 4.0 mph and 3 min at 5.5 mph repeated 6 times – I can do this – I know I can! Although, the tummy is definitely getting bigger –it’s not so big that it’s impossible to “run”.

My original goal was to be able to keep running until the 5K, now I think I’m going to revise my goal to: to be able to keep “running” until 32 weeks – that will leave me 8 weeks of “power walking” at the end of this pregnancy. If I can manage to stay active like this until the end, then labour & delivery will be “easier”, right? Never mind how much it will help with recovery…

(I promise that I’ll post pictures after the “race” 😉 )

10 thoughts on “On The Run…

  1. It’s terrific that you’re staying in good shape. I really enjoyed my pregnancies. I did a lot of walking and weight lifting. Some running.

    I signed up for a 5k run this weekend, too! I haven’t raced since the fall so we’ll see. Kirsten

  2. Let me echo Kat, “You go girl!”

    Staying active definitely helps along the entire process–It’s all good, just be careful not to push it too hard. :smile:

    PS Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Heyyyyyy … remember your encouragement to me … it’s a RACE! Good on you for doing this … what great stories you’ll have to tell your baby one day!

  4. We are expecting in May. J likes rowing on the Concept II but she recently “popped” so rowing is not so easy now. Now we take brisk walks together and I run with the dog at other times.

    A 5k seems the perfect distance.

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