Operation Bottle Suck – An Update

Have you been keenly following this topic? Probably not – in fact you probably find it boring as hell. But whatever – if you are interested, you’ll be happy to know that Sierra happily took a bottle from Cosmo Boy last night, in *our* nursing chair, and also went to bed for him with very little fuss.

Is it ok for me to feel a little sad about this? Or am I completely neurotic? Afterall it was me pushing for the two of them to make amends and workout their bed time issues. I’m free now – that’s what I wanted, it feels liberating, but at the same time I’m mourning the fact that *my* baby is not just *my* baby anymore. She doesn’t need me the same way she needed me before :cry:. *Sigh* this motherhood thing is harder than I ever imagined it to be!

4 thoughts on “Operation Bottle Suck – An Update

  1. It is totally ok for you to feel sad about that. My baby daughter is 17 now and living with her Dad in another state, my baby son is 20 and living in another country. I used to think that I couldn’t wait for them to move out of the house. Part of me is loving the freedom and part of me is wrecked because I miss their sweet faces and their messes and their conversations (even the talking back parts) and I know they don’t need me to take care of them any more. Ouch. But, it also means I did a good job and that’s why they don’t need me.

    You are doing something really great for Sierra and CosmoDad (and even for you and your sanity). It is really hard but I guess all really good things are hard in some way. Maybe that’s how we know we’ve done well – we care enough to feel the loss. :smile:

  2. Just remember how the first six or so months weren’t a whole lot of fun.
    Now she’s got a huge personality and daddy will have a bigger role in her life, which is good.
    But it was you who successfully got her through the toughest part so that now she’s healthy and strong.
    She will always need you, just not every minute of the day now. That’s good right?

  3. Awww, I’m sure it’s normal to be sad. Rose is so attached to me and I do everything for her, which does get overwhelming and tiring, but it does make me feel very needed and special.

    And I have indeed been keenly following this topic, so it’s good to hear an update, especially such a successful one.

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