Operation Bottle Suck – Day ??

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve tried to put Sierra to bed with a bottle. Some nights I’m successful – others I’m not. However, she always drinks the bottle. Some nights she’ll go to sleep after the bottle with rocking and singing, and on other nights I have to pull out the big guns if you know what I mean. Last night Cosmo Boy decided to give it a shot – he was doing a trial run for tonight ’cause I’m going out with a few of my girlfriends to Winterlicious. I’m really looking forward to it – but he’s not. Needless to say it didn’t go so well for him last night. Sierra drank the bottle eagerly, but then didn’t want to go to sleep – she’d much rather play with daddy. He rocked her and for the first time in a long time she cosied up to him in his arms but kept squirming, she just couldn’t get comfy. He called me up to try – I rocked for a few minutes but she kept squirming on me too. I was determined not to nurse her to sleep so I offered the bottle, she drank some more of it, then tried rocking again. She was still squirmy, so I put her in her bed and rubbed her back until she got herself comfy, I kissed her head and said goodnight and went downstairs to listen in on the monitor as she put herself to sleep. Silence – I heard nothing except the odd ruffling sound of her moving. She put herself to sleep.

Unfortunately, now Cosmo Boy is not so gung-ho about putting her to bed tonight anymore 😥 I was going to meet my girlfriends at 8 pm, but I have to call them and see if we can meet a little later ’cause I’m going to put Sierra to bed before I go. Sigh – this means I’ll have to wake her up from her afternoon nap a little earlier too – that way she’ll be good and tired for me. I knew that being a mom meant that I’d have to make sacrifices – I just wasn’t prepared for how much. I guess I gotta look on the bright side – at least she goes to bed easily for me so that I can go out after she’s in bed. For some moms getting baby to sleep is a huge fight every night and fortunately I don’t have to face that.

4 thoughts on “Operation Bottle Suck – Day ??

  1. Have fun tonight. I was at a friend’s today and she was talking about how we should go on a girl’s night out. (She has a baby & a toddler.) I’m sure that’d mean a tough night for my husband putting Rose to bed. He never does it – it’s always me and the “big guns”. 😀 Maybe I’ll give it a try though. I used to be able to go out once she was asleep, but the last few months, she often wakes up after half an hour or an hour.

    Good luck to Cosmo Boy.

  2. Have a Blast Girl!
    It does get easier, as they grow up they gain more independence. My husband & I take turns at night now putting our 18 month old to bed and it works great!

  3. Dido to Chelle’s comment – once they start walking it’s independent city:!: Then they start pushing away from the big guns. Then you start telling yourself “I don’t have a baby anymore” 😥 Never heard of Winterlicious…hope that bedtime went well and you were able to escape easily and had a well deserved Mommy break 😎

  4. “I knew that being a mom meant that I’d have to make sacrifices – I just wasn’t prepared for how much.” I don’t think any new mother knows how much they sacrifice until baby comes along. You can tell people how much they will have to give up, when they become parents, but I doubt anyone believes you until they themselves becomeparents. I’m glad you were able to get out and enjoy some me time with your friends. Have a great weekend!

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