Ouch – That Hurts

On Sunday and Monday two different blog posts of mine were scraped.  Scraped you ask, what’s that?

blog scraping = Random, unauthored sites stealing content, in whole or in part, with or without linkage, with no apparent rhyme or reason, except to put words on a page with ads.  They typically leaves a “ping” in the comments for the original blog’s commenters to click through, but WordPress (hear this, blog scrapers) is really good about marking those as spam and not letting them through.  No reputable blog (read = one with an author, regularly written content, etc.) is typically accused of blog scraping; these are fly-by-night jobs that are often shut down as quickly as they are started; they only want click-throughs and eyeballs to earn them ad money.

Courtesy of: WhyMommy

How do they do this?  By using code to insert your RSS feed into their blog.

How did I know I was scraped?  Well I’m one of those bloggers that pays attention to the spam that my spam filter collects.  There were two trackback links that caught my attention:

Half Marathon Training Update | Advanced Training | IP:

[…] News Editor wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptNow I can update you on my training. So far two weeks have gone by. Two long and painful weeks…. Kidding. Training is going fairly well. I’ve done MOST of my runs. Not all – but I planned for that by planning more runs than I thought I … […]

Not Spam — Mar 31, 4:49 PM — [ View Post ]


I’m A Douchebag, Are YOU? | Dompo Mom| IP:

[…] askmom wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptIf you aren’t reading this on Mom On The Run dot Net or in a feed reader then this post has been scraped without my permission. Please read the original post at: Mom On The Run dot Net. Thanks for your understanding! … […]

Not Spam — Mar 30, 3:51 PM — [ View Post ]

Lovely!  This is why, dear RSS feed subscribers, you now see this at the top of all of my posts:

If you aren’t reading this on Mom On The Run dot Net or in a feed reader then this post has been scraped without my permission. Please read the original post at: Mom On The Run dot Net. Thanks for your understanding!

By adding that little line into my feeds with the RSS Footer plugin, any posts that are scraped will look like this on the splog (spam blog) site (you need to click the picture to see what I’m trying to show you…):


Now I urge you all to download the plugin, and do something similar so that we can stop these sploggers dead in their tracks – there’s nothing more boring than reading a page full of: If you aren’t reading this on…. 

For more information see this.

7 thoughts on “Ouch – That Hurts

  1. I think I understand your concern but does anyone actually read splogs? Sounds to me like they’re bot-driven, which I suppose still requires some programming effort, but it just leaves me scratching my head in terms of the motivation behind it…
    It’s like the people who program viagra spam… why?!?!?
    Please forgive my ignorance. 😉

  2. That kinda stinks, but as always WordPress comes to the rescue. Hey, off topic but would you consider linking to my blog? I promise that I am not a robot.

    Ed’s last blog post..Ouch

  3. Darn it, went and checked my spam 15 of them. 12 were just gobbleygook. 2 were some weird one that said some weird comment – then an email address (both exactly the same from a different user) and 1 was a scrape….

  4. Yes, it’s not that anyone’s reading those sites but that they are making money off of our content. Basically, they’re stealing something and using our hard work to make their money. Not to mention that it can hurt one’s search engine rankings.

    Sadly this happens all the time. I’ve now had to put my RSS feeds to excerpts rather than full posts. Though there’s one post out there that keeps getting scraped time and time again in full text so it’s been saved somewhere. That includes my pictures and what not (from Flickr) I only find out about it each time because they also try to reference a flash file on my server since they usually remove all links back for this post. What is really annoying though, is that there’s the one site that keeps doing it time and time again despite my having had my post removed before. And they’re changing the words and now the post is sitting with a picture of a naked woman. I have yet to get that one removed, of course. The words they’ve changed aren’t always to the nicest ones either.

    Okay enough ranting. I hate content stealers!!

    valerie’s last blog post..little boy blue

  5. Oh, I remember what else I wanted to say!

    I also use a plugin that will change the words of my feeds to bad sites. Too many bad requests and I can check a box to disallow that agent access to my real words. It also includes several links back which… eh, I’m not so sure about that but it is customizable. That is what I send bitacle.org for example, though I think they’ve finally changed their tactics.

    It’s called AntiLeech!

    valerie’s last blog post..little boy blue

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