Overheard This Morning:

Nooooooo! MY BED! MY BED!

Curious to see who Sierra was yelling at, I opened her bedroom door a crack. There she was, standing in her crib with Winnie The Pooh in her arms. On the floor were 1/2 of the stuffies she sleeps with. She screamed at poor innocent Pooh “MY BED!” and heaved him across the room. If this isn’t a sign that she’s hit her terrible two’s then I don’t know what is!

Sierra is having some difficulty adapting to being a big sister. Thankfully her frustrations aren’t directed at poor Brooke – instead they’re directed at many many innocent bystanders. Yesterday at the park she told me that the climbing apparatus was hers – when I told her to share otherwise we had to go home, she pointed her index “pinger” at me and said:

” ‘TOP IT!”.

At that point I took her home (though I must admit it took 30 min to do a 10 min walk home).

She’s certainly trying my patience. At Sears on Tuesday she ran all around the baby department uncontrollably – constantly ignoring my reminders to “Stay with Mommy”. The Sales ladies actually had to track her down 3 times for me, and put my stroller (with Brooke in it) behind the cash so I could take Sierra to the fitting room with me for a “time out”. I don’t know about you, but time outs don’t work at all for me. She gets them so often that when asked why she was put in a time out Sierra responds: “To play!”. Gah! I think I sprout 17 new grey hairs every day! If this is what the terrible twos are all about then I’m going to sign up voluntarily for a hysterectomy! I LOVE the terrible two’s, don’t you?

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  1. In The Netherlands there is no saying like “Terrible Two’s”. So therefor I am hopefully assuming Terrible Two’s only happen in English speaking countries.

  2. I gave my older kids their own computer (it was a hand me down that we fixed) so that they would stay off mine and keep them occupied playing on Noggin.com while I do house work and took care of the baby.

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