10 seconds is a long time to hold a handstand

My friend, and Ragnar Relay teammate, Running Rachel has a fun Friday series on her blog: The Friday Handstand Challenge! Basically, you do a handstand and have someone take a picture of you doing it, then post it on your blog.

Now I don’t really have anyone to take my picture, so I put my camera up on a shelf, cleared some furniture out of the way, then set the timer.  Did you know that 10 seconds is an incredibly long time to hold a handstand?  My arms are killing me!


It wasn’t smooth sailing though… Here’s a few pics of my other attempts:


Happy (handstand) Friday!

Eat Clean and Move More

So I’m at that point – the point that kick starts many of us back into a fitness routine for a few months… My work pants are getting small-er on me and I have a choice:

  1. Buy new pants
  2. Eat cleaner and move more.

Since I’m broke – I’m going with option #2 so I started with yesterday’s dinner – spinach salad and a grilled chicken breast:

Spinach Salad and Chicken

I’m also packing my lunches, skipping the cream and sugar in my coffee (which admittedly is taking some getting used to), and also skipping my mid-morning muffin habit.

This week my fitness plan is:

Monday: Spinning at lunch
Tuesday: 6k run at lunch
Wednesday: BodyPump
Thursday: 6k run at lunch
Friday: 8k run at lunch, Swimming after the kids go to bed
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 14k run

PS – here’s a great tutorial I found on how to blow the perfect snot rocket:


Question sharing: What’s your workout plan for this week?

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