Premarital…. Blogging?

“Just yesterday Brittany told me she had been late for dinner because she had spent the day blogging at Heather’s house,” she told THO. “When I told her she was grounded for her sexual indiscretion, she lied and said that’s not what she meant. But I’ve seen those Monty Python movies, and I know all the lingo.” Read More

Wow! and I thought MY mom was a bit behind the times!

3 thoughts on “Premarital…. Blogging?

  1. I am constantly explaining to people what I mean when I say “blog”. It’s frustrating, because to me it’s just normal and natural!! LOL. I need to get the tee shirt that says “I’m SO blogging this”

  2. I know – when I got in sh-t about my “blog” my PHB asked me why I would ever want my whole life on the internet. I tried to explain to him that it wasn’t uncommon and that it was known as blogging – a whole sub-culture of people do it. I think the only reason I was allowed to keep it was because I explained to him that it was for a good ’cause – in my case I was raising money for breast cancer research and that writing interesting stories about my life drove traffic to my site. But you’re right, most people look at you like you have rocks in your head when you tell them you have blog!

  3. “Why, just last weekend I overheard her talking to her friend on the phone about
    ‘buying some E.”
    My sides hurt from laughting so hard.

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