PSA – Fisher Price Toy Recall

I heard about this – but wasn’t concerned until I watched CTV News this afternoon. Dora, Dora and more DORA are being recalled. Sierra is a HUGE Dora fan – and guess what? I went through the list of Dora toys and sure enough, one of the toys Sierra got as a gift for becoming a big sister is there:


Lovely. I have to call my friend to find out where she bought them so that I can have them replaced. My concern really isn’t that much for Sierra – it’s more for Brooke ’cause in about 4 mos from now she’ll be putting every toy that she finds into her mouth.

Anyways – there’s a TON of other toys being recalled. Here’s a LINK to pictures of all of the Fisher Price toys being recalled. The issue? They all have high levels of LEAD in their paint. Lead is toxic if ingested and can cause adverse health effects!!! YIKES! So go on now and check out the site and make sure your kids aren’t playing with any of the recalled toys.