Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Hey mommies & daddies that read this blog! There’s been a recall on some First Year’s Teethers. Check through your baby’s toys and make sure that he/she doesn’t have one of these teethers as the liquid inside the teethers may contain pseudomonas aeruginosa and pseudomonas putida which can cause serious illness in children if the teether is punctured and the liquid from the teether is ingested:

Teether3< - We have this one! 😯

If you DO have one then go to this website that has instructions about where to mail it in order to get a replacement (and a free gift):

Sierra has one of these and although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t purchased between the dates specified, I’m not going to take any chances. I’ve pulled it from her toy collection and I’ll be sending it back first thing on Monday morning (I’m also rather curious to see what the free gift is).

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  1. eeep! That is scary. Becca was never into the teething thing…free gift?!?! You will have to let us know what it is!

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