Put Me In Coach!

I’m ready to go! At least that’s what my Doctor said at my appointment yesterday. Yep – according to him baby is:

“Head down low and ready to go!”

😯 I thought baby was lying transverse, but apparently the feet are in my ribs because his/her head is down in my pelvis – no wonder I have to pee so often 😉 After a little research I’ve learned that baby can get into that position up to a month before delivery – so lets cross our fingers that baby lets me make it until my job ends on June 30th…

19 thoughts on “Put Me In Coach!

  1. 😛 you’ll be fine girlie. Keep me posted when baby girl/boy arrives


  2. When the baby “drops” it usually means 2-3 weeks. If you can remember the day that it was “easier” to breath or you noticed that you could eat more in one sitting than usual, that is usually the day. SO LET’S GET READY TO RUMBBBLLEEEE. My wife has relayed the sentiment that now that the baby feels so low that it is going to “fall out” when she’s in the bathroom. 😯

    Have you started going weekly yet? we’re going to get a 3-D ultrasound of Baby Incognito next friday.

  3. I am so excited for you – wow! Shocking really, the birth day is always seems so far away but you’re so, so close now.

  4. How exciting! I remember when I dropped I felt like I should be walking around with a net between my legs just in case the baby fell out! And feet in the ribs. lol I remember that! It doesn’t get any better once they’re born either because if you let them sleep with you, you can be assured of lots of feet and kicking in your ribs, you know, just in case you get sentimental about feeling it from the inside. :)

  5. I’m getting VERY excited for you!! But baby needs to wait just 25 more days!! Keep your legs together and your feet up! lOL.

    Looking forward to seeing you once more before you get your waistline back!!

  6. There have been reports where the mother ended up with broken ribs from the baby kicking. Let’s hope she takes it easy on you… only a few more weeks now.

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