Rain Rain Go Away

!@(raindrops20on20window.jpg popimg: “Raindrops On Window”)What a crusty day – I needed to go for a walk today to HRDC to drop off my Record Of Employment for Maternity Benefits claim, then to the mall to buy some Fennel Capsules, and some Calcium and Magnesium supplements (I’m going to try and cut out dairy to see if it makes a difference in “The Crying Game”). It is raining FAR too much to get outside – great, not only is Sierra cranky, but I can’t even distract her by taking her on a walk in our Snugli. Arrgh!

Rain, rain
Go away
Little Sierra wants to play!

6 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away

  1. Did you find the Hyland’s brand baby tablets yet? They are all natural, just like the fennel seeds. I used that, too. I made a tea and gave it to my daughter. Boil the seeds in water, unitl it’s a light color and try a bottle. Does she take a bottle? My one son never did, it was ALL ME for 15 months! Hey, checkout my new blog, I just got up and running! shannoncassaday.blogspot.com!

  2. That’s a beautiful picture. Have you tried playing music for her? I’ve read somewhere that putting her in her car seat and putting the seat on the washing machine while it’s on creates a nice, soothing rocking motion that might help her go to sleep.

  3. I sersiously would have nto survived the past year with out a sling!! I wore Becca everyday for at least an hour. I would vaccuum, do dishes & once she was asleep, even go on the computer. Wearing her, totally calmed her. You should check it out!

  4. How are you holding up since it’s still raining? I hope you’ve found some way to put a giant bubble around you and Sierra so you can go for nice walks outside!! LYLAS

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