Random Thoughts from My Workday

In case you’ve been mislead into thinking I’ve been busy by my lack of posting here, I thought I would share with you some random thoughts I had today while at work:

9:10 am – Man I’m hungry! I wonder if my manager would mind if I took my lunch break now?
10:44 am – Am I the only mother with a pair of her two year old’s clean underwear and spare pants in her purse?
12:04 pm – Crap! It’s lunch time and I ate all of my food three hours ago L
1:37 pm – Is it possible to sleep sitting up staring at a computer screen? How do I prevent my screen saver from coming on?
2:14 pm – I wonder when Microsoft will change the save icon from the floppy disk? Isn’t the floppy disk image rather old? I bet my 5 year old daughter has no freaking clue what that is a picture of! I wonder what they’ll replace it with? A picture of a hard drive? A USB key? Hmmmmm….
3:30 pm – Damn! I’m REALLY hungry – why couldn’t it be someone’s birthday today? I could REALLY use some cake….
4:30 pm – Yay! Time to go home! Woot!

One thought on “Random Thoughts from My Workday

  1. Hahahahaha, yesterday I was telling J I’d taped strawberry shortcake for her. That’s going to be one of those weird quaint holdovers. Our kids are going to be all “what the heck is a tape? You DVR’d it, mom, not ‘taped’ it.”

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