!@(marsbar.jpg popimg: “Mars Bar”)Chris had a post yesterday about reflecting on things from his childhood – at the end he asked: “And you? What stands out in your memories when you think about your childhood and the place you grew up?”.

Perfect timing! My closest childhood friend (Kimmie) is coming over tomorrow with her darling 4 yr old daughter. Everytime I see her little girl, it reminds me of when she and I were young – I see so much of her mommy in her. So I’m now thinking and reflecting on my childhood:

Lilac Bushes – There were 2 lilac bushes just outside my bedroom window in my childhood home. The smell of them in my room in the Spring was really nice. Everytime I smell lilac it brings me back to my childhood. I should plant one in the corner of my yard under Sierra’s window.

Bicycles – Kimmie and I used to ride our bikes EVERYWHERE we went. We spent hours upon hours cycling in our pre-teen and teen years scouting for boys 😉 Whenever I see two young girls cycling I remember how much fun Kimmie and I had on our adventures.

Mars Bars – they remind me of my grandma who had a Mars Bar a day until her death a few years ago – I miss her terribly and get weepy everytime I see a Mars bar wrapper.

I’ll leave you with the same conclusion as Chris did:

“And you? What stands out in your memories when you think about your childhood and the place you grew up?”

5 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Funny you should mention lilac bushes! I was just thinking about them the other day. When your Dad & planted them in 1975, little did we know that those 2 small saplings would grow to be such huge bushes! Your great aunt Helen taught me to pull off the dead flowers at the end of the blooming season in order to get more flowers the following year. Best piece of advice she ever gave me.
    Thinking back to my childhood – I remember railroad tracks just outside our house when I was 3 in Holland. My Dad used to work in the field on the other side of those tracks and on his coffee break, he would stand by the tracks and call us over to visit him. Of course, he always shared his sandwich or piece of cake Mom had prepared for him. Those tracks could be dangerous as well. My brother Evert (who was partially deaf) was playing on the tracks one day when a train was coming. My Mom & Dad both yelled at him, but he didn’t hear them. My Dad managed to snatch him off the tracks just in the nick of time. Evert was 8 at the time. Sometimes when I see train tracks it reminds me of that home in Holland.
    Winter brings back memories of learning to skate on the canal in Holland pushing a chair on the ice. It also brings back memories of skating on the canal in Holland Marsh (just north of Toronto). Talk about perfect timing in bringing up this post! Just yesterday, Janice (my friend at work) & I were discussing skating outdoors. She now lives in Holland Landing which is close to Holland Marsh and has skated on the canal I used to skate on as a teenager.
    Probably the most important childhood memory was emigrating to Canada with my 6 brothers and sisters and parents. We spent 9 days sailing across the Atlantic. The trip should only have taken 7 days but the boat had a problem and we docked in France to get the problem fixed. I’ve been told that we got off the boat in France, but I don’t remember. The best memory I have of that trip is sneaking out of the nursery where I was supposed to stay to look after my 2 yr. old sister, and finding my older brothers & sisters and running around on the boat with them. On one occasion, the cook gave us a tour of the galley and then gave us some sweet treats.
    Just think, Marie, if my parents had decided to stay in Holland, I would never have met your Dad and you would not exist!

  2. I remember rose bushes at my Grandmas house and a huge fig tree and roses at my GreatGrandmothers. I guess that is why I like roses so much.

  3. Marie, I totally remember those bushes as well. I love lilacs, and that was the first thing I planted in my first garden this spring!

    Also, the biking days…ahhh….the boys….Just think, they’re probably all old and broken these days (the boys, not the bikes!) LOL.

    I also remember ice skating Friday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons…

  4. Mmmm I love lilacs…

    My candle scent Fresh Cut Roses (Yankee type) really takes me to my grandma’s (dad’s mom) – her bathroom always smelled like roses.
    And rows and rows of cornfields… takes me to my great-grandparent’s (mom’s mom’s) – I always feel like I’m home when I go to the town and area they lived in, even though I never lived there myself.

  5. Thank god mars bars are back out … they withdrew them all for a couple of months here for an extortion thing… I missed them!

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