Ze ol' belly is gettin' BIG!!!

Reviving Ze Ol’ Blog

Wow – it’s been a long time since I wrote here. I mean REALLY wrote here, yanno what I mean – spilled out my guts to you. I have a feeling that’s going to change very very soon. Baby #3 is due in 9 weeks. Which really means that in 6-8 weeks from now I can introduce the little critter growing inside of me that caused me to stop running two weeks ago (yes you read that right – I stopped running two weeks ago – totally wimped out and wasn’t able to run until the end). This also means I may actually have some time to think, or at least have some more interesting stories to tell you. Blogging about work is hardly entertaining – when I get home I don’t want to think about my day anymore.

So I plan on writing more for you (and me). Well ok, mostly for me ’cause I really like writing. And because I want to write more, I also thought I should freshen up the LOOK of this place. I’ve been searching for a theme to customize that I liked for quite a while now. My big thing is that I wanted my header image to rotate. I also wanted it to reflect all the different aspects of me – the mom, the runner, the NKOTB addict… The layout is done, but not the header images. OK – well the layout was the easy part. I moved a few bloggy friends off of blogspot (man I hate blogspot) and onto WordPress, and they both wanted the Atahualpa theme, so I got to play around with it and was rather impressed! So Voila – I’m a copy cat. But you knew that already didn’t you?

Because I haven’t written much lately, and I need to catch you up to speed I’m going to list all of my Janice news in point form…

  • I got new van (today!) a KIA Sedona in “Titanium Silver”
  • I’m on “vacation” this week
  • Sierra starts SENIOR Kindergarten next week
  • Brooke is fully potty trained!
  • Hubby hasn’t been travelling much for work – and I LOVE that!
    (Though it completely baffles me why his company’s HR dept. visits my blog every time he takes vacation)

Oh and since I haven’t posted in awhile, I thought I’d share this preggo belly pic of me with you:

Ze ol' belly is gettin' BIG!!!

7 thoughts on “Reviving Ze Ol’ Blog

  1. Hey, I just recently revived my blog, too. Facebook has been a big culprit for me, but I got all nostalgic when I was importing some old Vox entries last weekend and I realized how much I was missing out by not journaling more of our day to day. I really love having that record and want to keep it going!

  2. ok, I’m sending you my son so you can get him potty trained while you are on vacation. (deal?) :)

    and seriously—you look AMAZING!!!! I can’t believe it’s only 9 weeks left, where has time gone?!

    1. Sure, as long as he’s a quick learner I’ve got three days left… Maybe he can come up during my maternity leave?

      Thanks for the compliment – been working my butt off – literally! I hope these good habits will carry over into next year… Being “good” while at home is SO hard!

  3. Your belly is beautiful!! I had to quit running around 30 wks with #2. My sciatica flared up something fierce! I think I did my last run with #3 around 35 wks. I was put on “restriction” at 36wks and baby was born at 37 wks. Congrats on the new van. I was quite a resistant minivan mom, but with 3 it’s pretty much a must. Hope the next few months go fast for you, but that you get all you want done!

    1. You ran to 35 wks? Holy Schmoly! You rock! I feel like baby is gonna fall out! My pelvis is so sore after a run and it feels like the bones are separating. I’m walking now, but even that’s a little sore.

      You’re so right about getting done what I want to get done. I have a list a MILE long….

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