Runners don’t need “Colon Cleaners”

Exercise is great for metabolism right? Well so is all that bouncing around my internal organs do when I run. I go through phases – some months I run a lot, and some months the comfort and warmth of my couch or the cool water of my pool is more appealing. Generally I run more in the Spring and the Fall when there’s nothing else to do. But so far this winter has been very mild and I’ve been running a lot more. With all of the extra running I’ve found that I’m pooping a heck of a lot more and the act of pooping is a lot easier. Now aren’t you glad I shared that with you?

7 thoughts on “Runners don’t need “Colon Cleaners”

  1. Well then, there is a big difference between running and going to the gym every day – the gym is not making me poop. I’d like it to, but apparently my body is somewhat like you… doesn’t like to say goodbye.

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