Send In The Clowns!

I’m slowly going certifiably NUTS one sleepless night at a time.  I seriously don’t know what to do.  I need help but don’t know how to get it.  After putting Baby Brooke to sleep at 8:15 pm, she woke up at….. wait for it….. drumroll please….




11:30 (gave her Advil and her anti-biotic)

2:15 (Big sister Sierra woke her up screaming: "Not you Mommy!  I want Daddy!" over and over and over again – took an hour to get Sierra back to sleep).


6:25 (up for the day)


I’m typing this when she should be sleeping, and I should be either:

a) Sleeping

b) Shovelling the 20 cm of snow off of our massive 7 car driveway (and that isn’t an exaggeration) we got WALLOPED with last night.


I REALLY REALLY hope that I can get the truck down the driveway and off of the street so that Sierra can go to daycare today.  I also REALLY REALLY hope that Baby Brooke DOES NOT fall asleep in the car on the way to and from said daycare, otherwise there will be no napping for mommy today, and I’ll have to stumble me way through another day and sleepless night tonight. 


I need HELP!!!!  Every time Daddy Rob goes away on a business trip it gets worse and worse.  Trip to Ireland #1 was spent in Ottawa alone at my in-laws with Sierra having gastroenteritis.  Trip to Ireland #2 was spent here at home, but I was still terribly lonely and sleep-deprived.  But this, this trip #3 to Ireland has been the icing on the cake with Baby Brooke’s now week long crusade of not sleeping for longer than 2 hours!  Oh and by the way, she’s still nursing every 2 hours during the day too.  So not only am I exhausted, my titties really freaking hurt!


3 thoughts on “Send In The Clowns!

  1. I think at this point, nobody would blame you if everybody got a little bit of brandy in their sippy cups, mommy included. Naps for everyone!

    Sorry your tits hurt. And sorry that nothing I can write in this little white box can possibly help.

    Ed’s last blog post..Living up to the blog title

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