Seven Months

!@(toys.jpg popimg: “Sierra and her toys!”)Dear Sierra,

You’re seven months old today! Every day you become less like a baby and more like a child. Though, you’ll always be my little baby. This past month was so much fun! Daddy spent two weeks home with us over the Christmas holidays, and it was during his first week home that you learned how to sit up unsupported! A whole new world opened up to you, and you’re noticing more things around you – like your box of toys! Last night I found you trying to raise your body onto all fours – at 3:30 in the morning! Daddy didn’t believe me when I told him – so you made sure to do it a few times today to show him. It won’t be long now until you’re crawling all over our house and exploring everything!

Last month you had a lot of fun at swimming lessons with daddy. You were so interested in watching the other kids, and you especially loved playing with the ball in the pool. I thought that you would cry the whole time, but once again – you’ve proven me wrong!

Christmas was also exciting. You got completely spoiled with gifts – but you deserved it, you’ve been such a good girl :wink:. You got:

PLUS a whole pile of clothes (’cause a girl can never have too many :wink:) and 5 new books for us to read to you! We brought you to Ottawa for 4 days to visit your Grandparents, Great-grandparents, Aunt & Uncle & Cousins. You slept very well there and didn’t make strange with anyone.

This past week we had to buy you a “big girl” carseat ’cause you’ve outgrown your car carrier carseat. Your feet were hanging out at the bottom and your head was popping out of the top. You must’ve taken a big growth spurt ’cause you also no longer fit into the 3-6 months clothes, and even some 6-9 month stuff is too small for you. You weighed 15 lbs 8 oz at your last Dr’s appointment. Though I can’t figure out how you’re gaining all this weight ’cause you still aren’t interested in food at all. Peas and sweet potato is just about all you’ll eat – oh and your milkies of course.

You’ve also been very sick with a cold this past week. You’ve been waking up numerous times at night, and it’s been taking me an hour or longer to get you back to sleep each time. Your poor little nosie was all stubbed up, and you could hardly breathe. You’re not so fond of the snot-sucker, and well… who can blame you? Daddy and I have also been very sick too.

Next month will be exciting as you will no doubt continue to try and crawl. This means lots of work for your mommy & daddy as we’ll have to baby-proof the house (thanks alot kid) :lol:. It won’t be all fun and games, in two weeks from now you’ll get your next round of immunizations – I’ll apologize now for the pain, it’s a necessary evil. However, I’ll be there to love and comfort you with all of my might.

I love you Sierra – I can’t wait to see what joys next month will bring!


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  1. Oh, this is so sweet! How I remember that age and wish I could zap ’em all back there right now! Hold onto it! I do hope you plan on printing up these little letters to give when they are old and have kids of their own, what a neat gift! You’re a great mommy! :smile:

  2. That little lady is living like a Queen, Canadian style to say the least.

    Now… how about that Future Defenseman U2???

    Cheers CG!

    P.S. TOTW?

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