Sexify My Love

Yes, yes… I skipped my run friday… But if you’re a New Kids On The Block fan then I’m sure you can understand. You see I was at the mall to pick up a few pairs of pants that I had dropped off to be hemmed (have I mentioned that I’m vertically challenged?) when I noticed that the small little “mall” (if you can even call it a “mall”) in my town has a new Music Store. I wandered in and immediately found myself in the new release section. Aha! The new NKOTB CD was released this week! I grabbed the last (yes – LAST!) copy of the Deluxe version of the album “The Block”. I love, love, love the songs: Sexify My Love, Don’t Cry and of course their first release Summertime. I’m now in the midst of torturing just about anyone and everyone by making them listen to it over, and over and over again – making me feel 14 again!

PS – something BIG is happening here at Mom On The Run. Keep checking back to find out what it is!

0 km completed – went home on lunch so that I could bring the dog with me on my run, then microwave a Lean Cuisine to eat, but found that our Hydro had been accidentally cut-off, so I spent my entire lunch on my cell phone with the Hydro company working with them to get it turned back on. It’s a good thing I went home for lunch, otherwise I would have arrived home with 2 hungry little girls after gymnastics at 6:30 pm – unable to cook dinner and unable to do anything about it ’cause it would be after hours for the hydro company. Today seems to be just one of “those” days, yanno?

*Obligatory Running Note (shamelessly stolen from: A Viking Running)

4 thoughts on “Sexify My Love

  1. I never heard of any of those songs. How do you “sexify” anything?

    I hate waiting for suprizes … gimme a hint at least.

  2. Well then, you were lucky on two counts. Can’t believe that stupid hydro thing, and you know that’s exactly how it would have worked too, “office hours are…. , please call back then”.

    Maybe if you post a little ‘sexify’ music, you’ll convince us that this is good.

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