Shame On You!

Rememeber my post where I was wanting, needing, begging for sleep? Let me remind you – it was this one. Well you guys failed me. No one suggested that I just nurse Sierra when she wakes up in the night. The poor kid was hungry! She’s been a-crawlin’ and ‘splorin’ everything. Too busy to eat, nurse etc… I tried nursing her whenever she woke up in the night two nights ago and amazingly she only woke up twice! Once 45 min after we put her to bed, and again at 3:30 am! Last night it was 3 times, but that wasn’t surprising ’cause she refused to eat at daycare (though she did drink her bottles). Each and everytime she quickly fell alseep after nursing when I put her in her bed!

6 thoughts on “Shame On You!

  1. Like I know what to do with kids? I was gonna suggest you bungee-cord her to the bed so she wouldn’t end up stuck on her back :mrgreen:

  2. I went back to check my advice! SCORE! I told you that I do just that, nurse the B-man when he wakes up. :) I didn’t fail you! Once she’s on more solids and eating more during the day, I’m sure the night wakings will diminish!! :) And I know that 7 minutes up is a lot easier than listening to 45 minutes of crying/fussing/screaming at 3am!!

  3. 😳 :roll: I just never thought of it because you and your brother rarely woke up during the night. I seem to recall that both of you ate well during the day so you weren’t hungry at night. OK, I’ll admit it, Omas don’t always know best. Now that I’ve eaten crow, will you forgive me? I do remember telling you though that babies usually cry for a reason!

  4. Ah, I should have suggested that. That’s what I do with Rose, just to avoid listening to her cry. I’m not exactly sure that she’s hungry, but nursing sure does put her right back to sleep. :smile:

    Sorry to hear about the work separation anxiety. That must be tough.

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