They’re BOTH sleeping.  Yep – sleeping.  AT. THE. SAME. TIME.  And why aren’t I sleeping?  ‘Cause there’s this amazing thing called a writers strike.  How’s this a good thing?  BIG BROTHER 9.  Oh yeah!  The season premiere is on RIGHT NOW!  I *heart* BB and am loving the first ever winter season. 


The hottest guys this season (according to me) are:

Joshuah (too bad he’s gay)


and Jacob (Can I say yum?  yum, yum!)

Hmmm – the hottest ladies?  This is a toughie without my critical hubby here to pick out all the gals flaws.  But I think Jen is pretty hot:

I’m totally rooting for Sheila, the 45 yr old mom, ex-model, however her personality on the first episode really sucked:

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