Shut The F Up!

My neighbours are throwing THE. LOUDEST. birthday party EVER for their 10 yr old daughter. There must be at least 20 screaming girls playing with super soakers. I’m all for them having a good time – gawd knows I had some loud birthday parties when I was a kid – but the concerned mommy in me is all worried that my darling sweet daughter will be woken up by the loud commotion going on just outside her window. I’m home alone tonight and will have to deal with it myself ’cause Cosmo Daddy is at a sleep lab (ironically enough for his lud snoring…). If they wake her up I’m going to go all apeshit on these new neighbours – maybe fling a bag or two of poo at them. I think the part I’m really mad about is the fact that they didn’t warn me – if they had I would’ve set up the playpen in our bedroom so that she could slumber away there in some peace and quiet. *Sigh* I thought the Neighbours From Hell (NFH) had moved away last December – it seems that they’ve been replaceed with new and improved ones.

6 thoughts on “Shut The F Up!

  1. In about 9 years… you will have a ten year old girl… of course the decibell level increases by a factor of 100 with each additional girl. I am surprised you can still hear… is CosmoDog not going balistic?

  2. I am always amazed what the little one will sleep through at night…during the day…pfft! I sneeze and she wakes up. Good luck tonight!

  3. Why is a 10 year olds birthday party going on after 9pm??? That’s my question! LOL. I hope Miss Sierra wasn’t woken up.

  4. Sounds like Cosmogirl and Sierra would have been better off going to the sleep clinic with CosmoDaddy. LOL!

  5. Ah, more on poo-bag flinging. It is nice to think about, isn’t it? Even though you know you’d never do that, you still can’t help thinking “But I want to!”

    But you’re in luck. They’ve got super soakers, right? Well, you can get them back… with…

    The Oozinator! Hahahahah. Please, try to keep from laughing. Or being icked out.

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