Sick Day = FAIL!

Yesterday at 4:14 pm my phone rang at work.  I glanced at the call display and saw that it was the girls’ daycare centre calling.  Seeing the number on the phone so late in the day instantaneously invoked my fight or flight response – my heart began to race, I became anxious, and I began to sweat.  Were my girls ok?

Brooke had a fever – a low grade fever of 101.4 F.  The policy of the centre states that any fever over 101 F requires the child to go home and for the child to remain away from the centre for 24 hrs after the fever subsides.  Joy oh joy – I love policies….

300_116385 Lovely.  Today at work is “Chocolate Day”.  The best freaking day to work out of the whole year!  What could be better than a chocolate potluck?  Chocolate brownies, cookies, fondue, truffles etc…  I had even made chocolate covered strawberries as my contribution!  

Unfortunately this is my turn to stay home with the sick child.  Why couldn’t this have been on a different day – like, say, filing day?  I hate filing!!!  

Sick day = FAIL!

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7 thoughts on “Sick Day = FAIL!

  1. Missing chocolate day! *gasp* not fair! I never really understand sick policies as by the time they are feeling sick they have already given the germs to a handful of their friends. Hope everyone is feeling better tomorrow!

  2. I hope Brooke gets to feeling better soon.
    You need to avoid “Chocolate Day” … if you ever watched the movie “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” you would have learned that chocolate is a substitute for sex. NOT A GOOD THING TO EAT BEFORE VALENTINES DAY! LMAO

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