Despite all of the things we need to fix at our house, things are going amazing and thus I haven’t blogged for a while – I tend to do that… when I’m happy :)

The girls are growing like weeds and are starting to get along and play with each other very well – even developing their own games and giving the games special names like “Lady”, “Grass Hat” and “Baa Baa Go”.  They are slowly realizing that they are each other’s BFF.  This is great ’cause where we live, there are very few kids to play with.  Little sister Brooke especially adores Sierra.  Last night, after a long hot weekend of playing, swimming, playing and swimming some more, Sierra went to bed “early” (8 pm instead of the usual 9 pm).

For an hour, Brooke was beside herself. She kept coming and saying to Rob and I: “Erra sweeping” as if to reassure herself that Sierra was OK and will be back soon. She played very well by herself, but you could tell she missed her sister.

I never had a sister, only a brother, and lots of boys my age to play road hockey with and pretend to dirt bike with.  There were lots of kids on our street but they were all boys with the exception of two very girly girls. Neither girl was allowed to leave their property so I had to choose who to play with, putting me in that awkward stuck-in-the-middle position that I hate, so I just played with the boys instead.  Besides, I was more of a Tom-Boy anyways.  I never knew what it was like to have a sister, though I always wanted one.  Maybe that’s why my BFF and I bonded so well?  We both had younger brothers and longed for a sister.

I can’t relate to having a sister, a same sex competitor, so I really don’t know how to foster my girls relationships with each other.  I really want them to be good friends, to find comfort in each other.  A brother and sister would have sibling rivalry, but I’m sure it’s not the same kind that develops between same-sex siblings and I bet the bond that develops isn’t the same either. I often find myself wondering… How can I help my girls keep the friendship they have now?

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  1. My kids are like that too, though different genders, and I have no idea what to do to keep it up but I sure hope it lasts – it’s amazing. My husband and his sister hated each other from 10-20 so we really need to avoid that.
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